IMPORTANT! Please use the information below to determine if Johnston has your record before applying as there is a $5 non-refundable fee for using this website to request a record.


Here are the people that have access to request your records:


  • The person who's record is recorded (birth and marriage records)
  • His or Her Issue (Child, child's child, etc)
  • Parent or guardian (must have original proof of guardianship)
  • Spouse (or legally registered partner)
  • Grandparent
  • Sibling
  • Others in the conduct of their official duties:

Attorneys, Title Examiners, Members of Legally Incorporated Genealogical societies, Funeral Directors, Informant listed on death record

Persons requiring information for the determination or protection of a personal or property right,

Court Order


Information to determine if we have your record:


Birth Records:

We have your birth record here if:

You were born from 1960 and after. Before 1960, we will have your record if your mother was living in Johnston on the date of your birth.


Death Records:

We have your record if the death occurred in 2022 or after. Before 2022, the person had to have passed in Johnston or was a Johnston resident.


Marriage Records:

Certified copies of your marriage license can be obtained here if you remember applying for your licenses here. If you don't remember where you originally applied; before 2014, we will have your record if the bride lived in Johnston when you applied for your license. After 2014, if the bride or groom lived in Johnston at the time that the license was applied for.


LICENSES FOR MARRIAGE CANNOT BE OBTAINED FROM THIS WEBSITE- Only certified copies of a marriage license after the marriage has taken place and the license has been filed. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office if you are getting married.

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The Following Vital Records May Be Requested Online:
Certificate Type Mail-Out Pickup Additonal Copies
Certified Birth Certificate $25.00 for first copy $22.00 for first copy $18.00 for each additional copy
Certified Death Certificate $25.00 for first copy $22.00 for first copy $18.00 for each additional copy
Certified Marriage Certificate $25.00 for first copy $22.00 for first copy $18.00 for each additional copy

* An additional Non-Refundable $5 Service and Credit Card Processing Fee will be applied to all online orders 


Delivery Options

Standard Shipping (Certified) $8.00


Standard Shipping is through the USPS.  Please allow 5-7 Business days for your order to be processed and the document delivered.  


You will be asked to select the method of receiving the certificates during the application. You will be notified by us once we have processed your application and the certificates are out for mail or ready for pickup.


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For Technical Support, Contact:

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